Tuesday, May 21, 2013

{TT} no not tee time... Temple time!! :)

This is the morning that I will be taking my endownments out at the temple. And there is alot of emotions going through me right now, I mean I am super duper excited but I am also a little nervous. I have heard the infamous stories of how confusing it is, and its nothing you have ever expirienced.

Now when the question came about of which temple to go through, I got alot of questions about the Brigham temple,
-why arent you going through the brigham
-do you not like it
-its so special though.
Mostly from my mom but I was dead set on the Bountiful temple, to me it is so special, elegant, gorgeous, and the one for me to take my endownments out at.
Just looking at the picture takes my breath away and the picture still does not do it justice.

The day I picked was May 21, and yes that is my mothers birthday.  Originally I had wanted it on May 1 but because of the events placed on that day, we werent able to agree. So my mom offered it to be on her birthday, she told me that it would make it that much more special! After I agreed and made the appointment i got so excited, i mean this is a BIG deal. I have always sang in Primary, I love to see the temple, ill go inside someday, whoever thought today would be my day preparing for a mission today.

I am so ready for these new expriences, and the things that I am going to be learning today at three, I know that testimonys have to be built off of expiriences like these and I am so ready to have a testimony of it as well.

I'll keep you updated :)

Love, Sister Nielsen
P.S. The Church is Soo True!