Saturday, April 20, 2013

Partying it up, Missionary Style! :)

The second thing on the Before the Mish Bucket List was to go to Saint George and go rock climbing and swimming.
Now most people that live in Tremonton have gone to St. George many times throughout their lives to have a fun vacation, and escape the coldness of the small town. I claim that I had never been before which I haven't... from what I remember anyways. But I have never experienced St. George, now I have experienced other vacations which is great but I have always wanted to go to St. George.

Now its easier said than done, my mom is a worrier, yes I love that she is concerned for me but sometimes she gets a little protective when it comes to me going places without her, long distances, without supervision. NO she is not a overprotective parent she is just concerned and wants to look out for my best interests. I like that, so when I told her I was going to go she surprised me by telling me okay. I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!!

On Thursday April 18th me and Kaylee drove to Cedar where Devanne goes to school. We stayed over night and has quite the party!
Friday we waited for Devanne to get done with school and then we headed to Saint George to party it up with JJ!
We went to this really pretty Carousel and we rode it. It was nice to just have fun and be with each other and be able to laugh. I think that's what I will miss a lot on my mission is getting together with my friends and just laughing but I know those memories is what will make up for it on my mission, then when I get home we can party even more which will make it that much better! :)
That night we tried to go to Dixie Rock but we had some pansy girls in the group that were too scared ;) what pansy's!! :) We went and ate Panda Express and then we went and snuck into the Hampton Inn's swimming pool! It was a lot of fun, when we got home though I practically passed out as soon as 17 again started its opening credits.

Saturday we woke up and went on one of the coolest hikes I have ever even been on! (ha because I have been on so many to begin with) :) But anyway It was in Leeds and it was a really nice easy path. The rocks were placed and everything looked perfect like a photo that belongs on a calendar. There is a waterfall that people were jumping off into and then you could walk farther back into like a path of water that you could walk through. The water was freezing cold though. So we didn't play in the water much. One day I hope to be able to go back and jump  in and enjoy the water when it warms up a bit more. There was frogs and lizards and it was seriously just such an awesome experience something that I will never forget!

After the hike we went and ate at Costa Vida and then we went and Laid out at JJ's parents condos. The sun was seriously so nice to feel and I couldn't even get enough of the sunshine, the temperature was from the 70's to the 80's  all day and I couldn't help but laugh when I talked to my mother on the phone and it was rain and cold and just a very dreary day in Tremonton. I GOT SO SUNBURNT!!! But that's okay I think that I will live!

This trip was seriously everything I expected it to be and more, I had so much fun and I cant wait for these girls to move home so that we can party even more!

Bucket List #2 St. George  Climbing and Swimming!

CHECK!! :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Before The Mish Bucket List

Well now that the most dramatic things of preparing fort he mission are at a stand still I wasn't quite sure what it was that I needed to be writing about, so I am going to be writing about the next 85 days until I leave. (who's counting right? :))

So as I stated above I do have a bucket list, with whom mostly Devanne, but others will be involved as well. most of them will be posted but some will remain left as just checked off the list! ha ha, no there is nothing on the list that could actually keep me from my mission, its just kind of a don't ask don't tell kind of thing :)
First thing to check off the list is
             -Find the Beach Ball on the Mountain :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

l'ouverture de l'appel

The letter came on Wednesday March 27, 2013. I wake up to a phone call coming through from my mother balling saying that my call was FINALLY here. Ha ha I hung the phone up and told her to call me when I could understand her better.
I called her back a little bit later. the plan originally was to open it on Friday because I am at school until Friday but knowing it was there was drving me nuts, and I cannot stand having a secret being kept from me! Also Devanne wanted to be there really bad and I knew if I waited till Friday Devanne could be there for me. So I  called her and she said if you get off work I will come home today, it was very stressful getting work off but I finally did and headed home. We had my favorite which was sprite with red velvet cupcakes, YUMMM!! :)
I got really nervous when people started to show up, I mean I could not sit in one place and by the end of it all I had over 50 people at my house. ( it was super hot) I am still amazed by the amazing support I had and still have from my friends and family. I am going to name a couple people, don't kill me if I forget you
Grandma and Grandpa Isaacson
Grandma and Grandpa Gardner
Grandpa John
Lori Williams
Jan Rawlinson
Nate W.
Kelsey D.
Uncle Mike
Diana Harris
Gary Harris
Bishop Lish
Erik Johnson and his wife
Just seeing this picture makes me a little bit emotional to see all the good examples and amazing people that are in my life helping make this decision that much easier for me!
The minute I read where I was going I was so excited, I now have a testimony that when we are assigned for our missions that it we are prepared beforehand for these missions for a purpose. I am so at peace with CHARELSTON WEST VIRGINIA!!! :) something that is also very amazing for me is the place itself. During my fall semester at LDSBC. I didn't make many friends but one person that I got very close with was Sydney Robinson. I was almost devastated when she should me that she would not be doing winter semester together. Well turns out she left on her mission this year to January, if there was one example to me the most before actually starting my papers it was her. she was so encouraging and she was the one that also helped me to keep praying for my answer. Okay I'll get to my point now. :) never did I imagine that I would be opening my call to the same place that she is now serving. SHE IS ALSO IN CHARELSTON WEST VIRGINA!!! :) :) :) I have told her through her mission blog (I got this idea from her to do the blog) and I am still waiting to hear from her :)
I am so EXCITED to serve in this mission and I know it wont be easy but it will so be worth it providing everlasting blessing throughout my life and after as well.
Stay tuned ;)