Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 10th

Well hello there everyone! :) Yes this is the infamous Sister Nielsen.

Week one of the MTC and I am still alive. I know I didn't think that i would get here either. But i have absolutely loved it!! The MTC is so crazy and I have hardly any time to breath haha. But My Companion is Sister Call, she is super sweet, and she knows her stuff for sure, it is so crazy she is a twin!! We work together very well, and she laughs at my jokes even though i know she thinks that they are dumb. We taught our first investigator Yesterday and her name is Hely, she was seriously one of the sweetest ladies that i have ever met and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. she asked us to come back and we placed our first book of Mormon & got her to commit to reading the book of Mormon, and to pray to know if the church was true! It was such a spiritual moment and I loved the experience, it gave me an assurance that I can do this and it is possible to be a missionary, i doubted myself a little. But I room with other girls and they are so much fun one of them Sister Mahlstede was on Davis Drill team the same years as me! Ha we do all the BDT dances together and we laugh a lot.

I leave for West Virginia in less than a week and I am so excited to get out there. ha our District even has a goal to baptize so many people that we are able to get a Temple in West Virginia, so right here I am sharing revelation, "October Conference 2013 the announcement of the building of a temple in Charleston West Virginia! :)

The food here at the MTC is so gross! haha it seriously makes me feel so gross and sick after I eat, ha but I am not about to complain about the unlimited Chocolate milk and Colossal Berry Crunch cereal.

I absolutely love my District we have Sister Stone and Simmons and then we have Elders Lane, Carter, Payne, Staveley, Labrum, Rameriez, McFarland and then me and Sister Call. We have the funnest times but we also have some of the most spiritual as well. In our zone we had 5 sets of twins haha it was so crazy, that is like 10 kids in births hahaha. But my companion Sister Call is a twin and Elder Carter in my district is as well. I don't know maybe this MTC craziness that they talk about it just barely getting to me but think the weirdest things are funny haha. But, I am doing really good :) I feel like when you hear from returned missionaries you never hear how much work the MTC is I was definitely not ready for all this ha. our schedule is set to where you cannot have anything go wrong or else your whole day is practical thrown off for good!

The amount of support that I have received from all of my family members have me in tears right now making this the first time that I have actually cried here at the MTC. For people who don't know me that's huge!! Tell everyone and anyone to write me letters they make my day so much happier and better. My branch president last night Gave me this quote. "You will bless your family more on your mission that if you were there helping them" - Jeffrey R Holland. I have to keep that in mind because I sure do miss my little nephews and my red headed hazy baby.

I don't have much time i feel so remember how much I love you all and I appreciate your support you have given me and continue to give me! :)

I love you!

Love: Sister Nielsen

P.S. The church is true!! :)

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