Monday, August 5, 2013


Can you belive that I have been out 1 MONTH already?!?
That is so crazy too me!
But this week was a very differnet week but it was also a very good one as well.
Monday night after our awesome P-Day we went to this huge family home evening party thing at the Hales.
We had awesome food!! Like I am gonna gain 500 pounds out here! hah but we had this lesson on Testimonys and these people are so awesome out here. People in Pulaski and Dublin are fighters out here, they have to really fight for what they believe in and they are so humble and their testimony just glows with the spirit! We started singing I am a child of God and I was so comforted for the first time being on my mission. I felt like it was HOME for once and I truly knew for sure that i was in Pulaski and Dublin Virginia for a reason.
Every Wednesday we go to the Clothing Bank for service! And it is seriously so much fun working will all of the fun little old ladies. There is so many different religions in one area and we all talk about our churches and it isnt rude or mean or anything we are all respectful but its just so funny to see all there looks on religion and there church.
We are teaching this really sweet lady, her name is Karen! :) She is just frustrating sometimes ha, she is so knowledgeable about the gospel and she loves it all she just wont commit!! And so we go and read the scriptures with her and we answer her questions the best that we can. Hopefully we see more improvement.
This week I went on Exchanges!! exchanges are where you and your companion and another companionship switch places with us and so the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) Sister Thompson stayed in Dublin with Sister Stringham and I went with Sister Morgan to Bluefield Virginia/West VIrginia. (the mission is in both states) Me and Sister Morgan got along very well and we had a lot of similarities!! She was super sweet and she loves listening to music very loudly like me so we jammed to MOTAB alot hah. But Bluefield made me really appreciate being in Dublin and Pulaski, ha there is a lot of Sketchy places there and we couldnt go around certain neighborhoods after 6 PM. We did alot of contacting and tracting but nobody just wanted to hear our message. Bummer!!! 
              Oh and I almost forgot the most important part!!! We got pulled over on the way to bluefield hah No i wasent driving but Sister Morgan was speeding and our registration was expired haha opps. But the cop didnt give us a ticket, thank goodness. I cant drive for another three weeks because I am still training but ha I am so excited to drive :) I miss driving my little blue mazda so much!! :)
Saturday we drove back to Dublin to exchange back the Sisters decided to stay because there was a baptism that afternoon. So we went to lunch with them and then we had a competition to see who could place the most books of mormon in 30 minutes. hah me and Sister Thompson won 1-0 :) hah Then we went to the baptism. The Elders in Radford (there in the same ward as us) Seriously had one of the coolest baptism stories!! Blake Smith called them on the 4th of July and left them a message that said," I have read the Book of Mormon, I think its true, what is the next step I need to take to be a member of the Church" how crazy is it that they would just get that so easily. Well one month later he was baptized on August 3rd. He is the coolest kid he is like 23 and he drives this awesome motorcycle! Talk about the coolest baptism ever!! And Elder Payne that little lucky duck he got his first Baptism one month into his mission with Elder Morgan!!
That night we got locked out of our apartment hah our landlord come to find out had moved from the apartments and he was not answering his dang phone!! ha Luckily the creepy man next door was able to open our door with a credit card. hah how comforting is that? :) We are still looking for a new apartment haha :)
I am loving my mission and I cant believe how fast it is going!  Remember to keep the faith and to always pray!!
Love always, Sister Nielsen :)

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