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December 9, 2013
Your first message of the week is coming from the two best YOMO'ers in the Zone of Morgantown West Virginia! haha yep me and Sister Maddox won the YOMO challenges for this past week. okay now let me explain You Only Mission Once, is where each week we have a challenge last weeks challenge was that we had to bear testimony to as many people that we could about jesus christ and his love for that person. We had 22 YOMOS making us the Yomo champs for the week haha. And so we got to add the most random thing that we had to the YOMO trophy that we got and so me and Sister Maddox added a empty bottle of her insulin that she used for her Diabetes haha oh my gosh everyone laughed so dang hard!! :)
This past week we also went and did the missionary booth of the WVU campus at the Free Speech Circle and it was seriously so fun! we had 12 missionaries talking to people and we were handing out cards and Free hot chocolate!
December 16, 2013
Holy crap I hate having this one hour time limit thing in morgantown I can never get anyone written in time or get anything down either. So if I havent written you I apologize in advance. This week has been so great, We have been working with our top investigator alot these past weeks her name is Smitha and she is from India. She has now been to church twice and wanted to be baptized on the 14th of December but me and Sister Maddox decided that she needed more time to understand what a huge commitment she was going to be making.
Its been snowing and raining here like crazy and I absolutley love it! :) I dontknow why but there is seriously nothing like tracting and knocking on doors in freezing weather! haha  Me and Sister Maddox are tearing up the Morgantown second ward and me and elder hurt and hohneke are celebrating HOHNEKE days which is basically honeke or however you spell it! haha but we foung this investigator for the elders and we went and introduced the elders to her. and while all four of us were in here home she "Read" us. haha Elder hurt is supposably a Pot Smoker and Elder Hohneke was Unsuccessful at smoking pot.. hahha then she proceeded to tell Sister Maddox that she was an angel and then she told me that my parents did not walk with god.... haha I just had to shut my mouth and try to laugh the crazy lady off!
We have had 2 different baptisms here in the past 2 weeks from 2 other sets of missionaries here in Morgantown, Nicola and Brycen and they are so legit! They are in the YSA ward! :)
This christmas season has seriously gone by so fast and I am not sure If i am happy about it or sad. But I love missionary work and everyday i see little miracles that will and have forever changed my life! I love the gospel and I know that without it we cannot know what true happiness is.
December 23, 2013
SO i have NO time to write anything but the gospel is still true and I still Love the heck out of everyone!! :)
December 30, 2013
well i have no time to write again but HAPPY NEW YEAR

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