Monday, March 17, 2014


So this is just going to be one very long email for february! Basically because I have no time to sit and write every week. But February has been absolutley amazing!! :) Besides the frostbite february weather it has been so fun!
This month I got to see my first conversion/baptism which was JJ McCormick. He is 13 years and he is absoultey amazing haah!! the bishop pulled us in his office this last sunday and wanted to talk with us. With tear filled eyes as he sat us down he began to express his thanks and explain that he didnt know why the lord worked the way he did but he knew that me and Sister Simmons were sent here for a reason. They have been trying for over 6 years to get into the McCormick families home to teach Barb and JJ and a little over 6 weeks later JJ is now baptized and is preparing to recieve the priesthood. This helped me to gain a testimony that we are sent to certain places, areas, and houses for a reason! Sometimes good things fall apart so even better things can fall together and JJ McCormick is a perfect example of that. I was able to share this expirience with my Mission President and he told me when he was figuring transfers out he felt very strongly that me and Sister Simmons needed to be together to take care of a very special work! I can bear testimony too you that Me and Sister Simmons were put together to teach JJ! :)
On saturday after the baptism me and sister Simmons hit a tough realization, haha we had just baptized our top investigator and we basically had 0 investigators now.. so we are hitting the streets hard and we are ready to find the elect in morgantown! we know that they are there we are just going to have to be very in touch with the spirit to find them.
a funny little story the other night there had been a very big snow storm and that night we were going to teach JJ, we had 15 minutes before the lesson and I saw a old lady outside shoveling her snow so i turned around and pulled off to the side to go help her. Just as I got to her home she slammed the door and her driveway was shoveled. Frustrated, that the lord had prompted me to help this lady and i followed that prompting yet nothing came from it. I got back in the car put in into drive and realized that I was stuck and was not about to go anywhere. ha so we called the other missionaries to come and help us in the mean time a man down the road came out and started helping us, his name was Joe. we talked alot about the gospel and his sister actually lived in UTah and he had been to temple square where he was given a book of mormon which he read. he loved our standards and respected alot of our beliefs. but he wanted to stay reformed baptist. shocker huh! haha but it was just a humbling expirience that heavenly father is trying to teach me to be patientand he was making sure that I was responding to the promptings of the holy ghost because we never realize who may be put in our paths. We eventually got unstuck and the next week we made brownies and took him a thankyou letter :)
the Lord provides a way, ALWAYS he IS hastening his work and we see lots of miracles daily! I love you all :)
Love Sister Nielsen :)

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