Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What did I get myself into!?!....

So I woke up February 17... Sunday morning and I got my butt out of bed. (Nine o'clock church kills me) . I go to Diana Harris' class because I absolutely love to hear her teach, even though its the class for high schoolers. Having no idea that this big event was going to take place I walked into Sunday School. We have a lesson on the Plan of Salvation and we were going from different rooms throughout the church house. We met in the Bishops office as earth. (Previously I had told Gary I needed to talk to the Bishop.) Diana Harris' dad was in the room and he passed away, *object lesson. He had served a amazing life and he would return home to the Lord. As all of us not taking this very seriously Diana started crying and everything got very serious. She didnt want to lose her dad.. She said that she was greatful for the fact that families CAN be together forever. And my tears were released. I had an overhwhelming feeling that I was indeed going to go on a mission, I knew it without a shadow of a doubt. I wanted to leave my family for 18 short months, so that others could be with theirs for eternity.

No longer was I stressed out by the fact that I had a very important decision to be made, because it had just been decided through the spirit and the plan of salvation through the lord. I kept myself sitting in the bishops office and as they cleared the room out I started shaking. I was excited, scared, overwhelmed, and emotional.

I love my Bishop :) Bishop Brian Lish. He was my pa on Trek and seriously he is the most kind, caring, forgiving, amazing, inspiring, person. He understands struggles and he can truly show that he loves everyone! He was so happy for me and We made an appointment to open my papers monday night@ 7 PM.

And then I realized walking in to sacrement that I had not even told or mentioned anything to my Mom.........
Anyone knows that this would not be any easy task done with out:
- ALOT of tears
-ALOT of tissues
-ALOT of hugs
-NOT ALOT of talking

Without the help of my beautiful Diana Harris, I proabably wouldnt have told my mom that day, but I did and Isurvived and, I am still here today! :)

Sometimes on days like that day and I look back and think.... Hmmmm, what did I get myself into?!?

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